Reasons To advertise

Dozens of new people are moving into Bexleyheath and the surrounding areas EVERY WEEK. In most cases these new residents are new to the area and have no local knowledge. They are looking for guidance and On Your Patch offers the perfect opportunity for businesses to get themselves in front of these new potential customers.


On Your Patch Media Ltd uses a fully supervised distribution the directory is delivered to approximately 15,000 homes per month.

Easily Retained

The brochure has been very successful, partly owing to the size and useful nature of the brochure as a reference that can be conveniently retained. It isn't thrown away each week like a local newspaper. Advertisers have reported to having received calls from adverts placed several months earlier.

Value for Money

The cost of advertising in this magazine is a fraction of other publications, and yet is unique because it is distributed solely in targeted postcode areas. It is well documented that advertising campaigns can take several months to yield consistent results but you can advertise with us for a fraction of one advert in other local newspapers. Why not check out our Advert Rates on line and see for yourself just how little it costs to advertise in one issue, with a small advert costing from as little as £20 with one of our discount packages. Alternatively, why not contact us and we will send you a media pack and a recent copy of the magazine; we believe it sells itself.

It is truly local

All advertisers operate in or close to the area. There is strong evidence that truly local services are preferred by the majority of the UK population.


The directory has a high standard of print and production utilising a 135gsm silk paper and a reliable 4 colour format. All artwork is professionally finished to ensure that your advert looks it's best. We are also happy to accept your own artwork.

It just works!

We are helping numerous small businesses get off to a flying start and a number of our advertisers have been with us since day one. This in itself is evidence that we provide successful, cost effective advertising

How To Advertise

Placing your advert needn't be another pain that take up hours of your time. We don't expect you to design the advert or know exactly what to put in the advert. Just have a basic idea and we can take it from there for you. If you already know what you want then you can place an order for advert direct online here.

We cater for all types of businesses large or small within Bexley and surrounding areas. When you call, we don't just try to sell you the biggest advert we can. Indeed we'll even recommend a smaller advert than you were initially thinking of if we think that will be a better solution for you. Because if you run an advert that works a) you'll advertise again and b) you will tell other people that it worked. In other words we'd rather have you as a customer for life than go for a short term win.

  • Our prices are affordable for everyone, you can have a professionally designed advert in print from just £20 a month and we take credit and debit cards via Paypal
  • A great shelf life, unlike free newspapers, people do keep this type of directory until their next issue is delivered
  • Over 75% of our advertisers stay in every month and many have advertised with us every month. They stay in because it is the most reliable and most cost effective way to get business in Dartford , Crayford and Barnehurst. In other words It works!

How much does advertising cost?

Our rates vary based on what size advert you need, how long you want to stay in for, and whether or not you need a premium page. So we ask for you to check out our Advert Rates page

if you are not sure what advert to have then feel free to Contact Us, We do not do a hard sell but prefer to understand a little about your aims for your business before making a recommendation on an advertising option for you. To assure you though, our advertising is very cost effective and we take all major debit and credit cards via PayPal and have monthly payment options for regular advertisers.

What are the deadlines?

In general our deadline is the 25th of the month. For new customers, it takes a little time to create your advert and to get your approval on it so we ask you to allow a few extra days. However, if in doubt just phone on 01322 666127. We'll let you know the absolute deadline for that particular print run.

Do I have to design my own advert?

If you don't have a graphic designer who can do it for you, our preference is that we do the design. If you book a regular advertising campaign, there is a £20.00 charge for the 1st design and free amendments there after. We only need you to provide words and your logo if you have one and we'll do the rest.

Can I design my own advert?

This of course is also perfectly acceptable! We accept adverts in either high quality JPG (300dpi) or print quality PDF format. An advert in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint is also acceptable. For your own design please check out our advert sizes.



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